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Online Fundraising - More Profits with Less Effort!

Many organizations are now looking to the Internet to produce online fundraising results. If you consider all the environmental factors invloved in fundraising today, it definitely seems like the safest and simplest way to go. For one thing, you don't have to worry about going door-to-door and you can raise funds from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Also, online fundraising can be done on its own, or can be combined with any other fundraising program or product. However you choose to combine it, one thing is sure: you will make more profits for your group with less effort. The key component to making your online fundraising a success is to build a base of supporters. By increasing the number of names in your email address file, you are increasing the amount of profits you will make.

What should you look for when choosing an online fundraising program? You must ensure that:

Funds are easy to track.

Emails sent are frequent, targeted and personalized.

A "thank-you" acknowledgment is sent.

Sending emails to show how the contribution will be used and to give immediate thanks to the donor gives immediate satisfaction and enhances the chances that donors will renew their subscriptions again with your group. Other important factors to help influence your decision when choosing a fundraising program are that the response rate is higher than that of traditional fundraising and the fundraising costs are much lower.

Now you can see why more and more people are turning to online fundraising every day.
The formula is simple: Online Fundraising = More Profit + Less Efforts!

About eFundraising

eFundraising offers proven fundraising programs at up to 90% profit. Available programs include World's Finest Chocolate, Online Magazine Fundraisers, Scratchcards, Brochures and more. eFundraising / QSP Reader's Digest has helped groups raise almost $3 billion since 1964. To help you discover the best fundraiser for your group, call 1-800-561-8388 for your FREE info kit and gift and an experienced fundraising consultant will be more than happy to help you. Visit


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